Information delivery cycle

It is a term introduced first in PAS 1192 and updated in ISO 19650 framework, it depicts the process of specifying and delivery of project and asset information summarised in ISO 19650-1 Figure 11 — Overview and illustration of the information management process

Main characteristics of ISO 19650 information management process

  1. Information is needed for decision-making during all parts of the asset life cycle
  2. Information is specified progressively through sets of requirements defined by the appointing party
  3. Where a delivery team contains more than one party then information requirements should be passed to the most relevant party or the point at which the information can be most easily provided.
  4. Information exchange involves the sharing and coordination of information through a CDE, using open standards whenever possible and clearly defined operating procedures to enable a consistent approach by all organizations involved.[1]

[1]        British Standards Institution, BS EN ISO 19650-1:2018 Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM) – Information management using building information modelling Part 1: Concepts and principles. 2018. clause 6

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