Project Information Manager

Responsible for extraction, review, coordination and reporting of data within the native and federated models as well as associated project databases throughout the project stages to ensure client and BEP requirements are met.

[Appointment: Lead Appointed Party BIM Staff.]

Duties include:

  • Data audit of single discipline/ trade models from consultants and subcontractors at agreed data drop milestones and critical project stages.
  • Own, manage, updater and ensure the reliability of the project database.
  • Execute and issue COBie drops applied to the project (federating data from originators)
  • Produce, manage and issue a Red, Amber Green Data Report (RAG Data Report) noting progress of data deliverables and issues that need to be addressed by each contributor. 
  • Prepare final data drops to be issued in COBie or other project-specific schema formats for handover.
  • Manage data reviews and obtain approvals from relevant parties (Client, Client FM team, Lead Appointed Party, BIM Manager).
  • Review the federated and native models for suitability for data linking, extraction and other data uses as agreed for the project. 
  • Feedback to BIM Manager for any model, data or compliance issues.
  • Provide technical assistance to the delivery team at data review meetings and remotely as required.
  • The central point of contact for BIM data contributors.

[source] PDE 4301 Technical BIM Management 2019/2020, BIM EXECUTION PLAN, SUP-GPF-XX-XX-SP-W-0001, Post-appointment BEP, Grat To King Yeung, Jarek Wityk, Mike Sealey, Tala Damra, Viorel Mihailuc, Willow Williams

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