Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP)

The Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP) is the primary plan for the preparation of project information (from the supplier’s perspective), which is set out as being required in the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR). The MIDP is produced from the aggregation of all applicable delivery teamsTIDP’s.
The MIDP lists information deliverables with dates (data drops – i.e. stage completion, COBie), the originators of the information together with protocols and procedures for each stage of the project.

…’On a given project, there are as many MIDPs as there are delivery teams and lead appointed parties. Where many delivery teams are working in parallel, as might be the case during design, then the implication is that the appointing party either needs to coordinate the MIDPs into a federated master information delivery plan or assign another organization to do this.’…[1]

Specific responsibilities for information container (file, drawing, specification, model etc.) exchange delivery should be recorded through a Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP). The lead appointed party shall collate individual project TIDP from each task team to produce the delivery teams Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP). The MIDP shall incorporate or consider:

  • Assigned responsibilities within the responsibility matrix and design responsibility matrix
  • Information predecessors and dependencies, particularly for information between task teams
  • The review time the lead appointed party will require to review and authorise the information model
  • The review time Group4 will require to review and accept the information model.

Following the production of the MIDP the lead appointed party shall ensure:

  • Deliverables and dates are baselined within the MIPD
  • Inform each task team of the MIDP production
  • Notify task team is any changes are required to their TIDP
  • Inform Group4 of any risks or issues which could impact on the project information delivery milestones

[1] PD 19650‑0:2019, Clause 9.5.2 Task information delivery plans and master information delivery plan [p22-23]

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