Existing Conditions Modeling

A process of developing a 3D model of the existing conditions for an asset, or a specific area within a facility.
The model can be developed based on laser scanning surveys (point cloud scans) or conventional surveying techniques.


  • Increase quality of design with accurate representation of existing conditions such as existing assets & topography.
  • Increase quality of constructability analysis with accurate representation of building shell
  • Increase quality of site logistics at with accurate representation of building shell for equipment and material loading

Potential Value:

  • Enhances the efficiency and accuracy of existing documentation
  • documentation of environment for future uses
  • Aids in future modeling and 3D design coordination
  • detailed layout information
  • Pre-Disaster planning
  • Post-Disaster record
  • Use for visualization purposes

Resources Required:

  • Building Information Model modeling software
  • Laser scanning point cloud manipulation software
  • 3D Laser scanning
  • Conventional surveying equipment


  • Surveyor establishes control points on site, including model base-point, or origin
  • Surveyor documents locations of existing conditions such as buildings, utilities and topography
  • Design Team precisely locates existing conditions in model and designs new systems

Team Competencies Required:

  • Ability to manipulate, navigate, and review a 3D model
  • Knowledge of Building Information Model authoring tools
  • Knowledge of 3D laser scanning tools
  • Knowledge of conventional surveying tools and equipment
  • Ability to sift through mass quantities of data that is generated by a 3D laser scan
  • Ability to determine what level of detail will be required to add “value” to the project
  • Ability to generate Building Information Model from 3D laser scan and/or conventional survey data

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