Strategic Objectives of BEP

Objectives of BEP shall be allignwed with Exchange Information Requirements (EIR), an example of Strategic Objectives for a project have been listed below:

  • Meet Level 2 BIM compliance, in accordance with the UK Government mandate.
  • Integrate BIM workflows into the Client’s Facility Management Systems to support operational tasks.
  • Train and educate staff to raise BIM skills and understanding across all parts of the Estate
  • Improve Informed decision making, coordination and H&S
  • Improved tender & procurement
  • Standardise Design workflows
  • Enable Offsite fabrication
  • Provide fully synchronised construction documentation
  • Use active data to enable the Business case study
  • Security & surveillance
  • Use models for Energy Analysis
  • Provide as-built model to improve Maintenance & Repair
  • Enable Assessment & Reuse
  • Enable Impacts & Sustainability

[source] PDE 4301 Technical BIM Management 2019/2020, BIM EXECUTION PLAN, SUP-GPF-XX-XX-SP-W-0001, Post-appointment BEP, Grat To King Yeung, Jarek Wityk, Mike Sealey, Tala Damra, Viorel Mihailuc, Willow Williams

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