Specialist BIM Manager / Coordinator

The Specialist BIM Coordinator duties will reflect those for the Project BIM Coordinator but will be specific for discipline or trade-specific models and data deliverables. Responsible for checking, reviewing and approving all information from their organisation before allowing information to be moved to the shared environment for other parties to access.

This function is of particular relevance in the production of the MEP model like it in itself involves several contributors and ‘sub-models that must be federated, reviewed and resolved before issue to the Project BIM Coordinator ahead of their cross-discipline federation and checks.

[Appointment: BIM Coordinator contributing to BIM Model and Data delivery.]

Duties include:

  • Ensuring elemental model integrity, reliability and compliance with the BEP.
  • Issuing information (models/data) on time
  • Internal QA, model and data audit prior to issue to Lead Appointed Party.
  • Addressing and resolving model drafting, coordination or data delivery issues as identified through internal QA workflow and raised by the Project BIM Coordinator in the clash and data reports.
  • Where there are third party contributors to the single discipline models (e.g. sprinklers, air duct and water supply systems), the Specialist BIM Coordinator (in the example given, the ‘MEP BIM Coordinator’) will federate, clash detect and run the analysis of the MEP models.
  • Liaising and assisting the Project BIM Coordinator with the production of the PIM and AIM.
  • Coordination with other parties’ project models, data and information.
  • Overseeing and ensuring the resolution of issues associated with their or other’s deliverables if affected by their modelling works.
  • Confirming models are developed in line with the compromised level of information need in the various project stage, and should comply with the Digital Plan of Work (dPoW).
  • Ensure that the model structure and data contained within it are suitable for the implementation of agreed BIM uses for the project.
  • Ensuring that single discipline models are site verified at relevant stages, updated accordingly and suitable for integration with the AIM.
  • Identifying requirements within their organisation and ensuring appropriate attendance at coordination meetings.
  • Defining requirements, securing and incorporating 3D as-built surveys form model verification as required.
  • Providing as-built site verified models for the AIM.
  • Attend BIM-enabled design coordination meetings.
  • Liaise with the Project BIM Coordinator, Building Services Manager, Design Manager and Lead Designer for the identification of design issues and relevant appointments for resolution of the same

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