BIM roles are not necessarily related to specialist positions. It should be viewed as a function that could be fulfilled by more than one person and allow the transfer of the functions between individuals holistically [1]

Information management roles are not included within BS EN ISO 19650‑2. Instead, all activities within the information management process are to be undertaken by a single “information management function”. BS EN ISO 19650‑2:2019, Annex A provides a template for an information management function assignment matrix, which can be used by the appointing party to assign each activity (requirement) to themselves, to an appointed party or a third-party. Once an activity has been assigned, it is for the relevant party to identify the role that is responsible for the activity.

ISO 19650

functions being performed by an actor at a point in time
Note 1 to entry: The role of an actor is determined by action and outcome and not necessarily by the profession
or trade followed by the actor

BS EN ISO 29481-1:2017

[1] Muñoz, F., Rivera, L., Vielma, J.C., Herrera, R.F., Carvallo, J., 2019. Organizational Goals – Definition, Types, Importance [WWW Document], n.d. (accessed 1.26.21).

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