Project Team

All parties appointed for the project are defined as members of the Project Team. Each function can be fulfilled by either an individual or multiple people throughout the course of the project. Function responsibilities can be transferred as the project progresses.

Thus, project team can be formed by one or many companies or individuals who provide services or products during delivery or operation of an asset – or everyone involved in the project, regardless of appointment/contract arrangement

Using ISO 19650 terminology the Project team consist of the Appointing party and all Appointed Parties/task teams engaged during the delivery or operational phase of an asset lifecycle.

In ISO 19650 the Project team term replaces the term ‘ Project Delivery team’ the meaning meant to remain the same, but the change puts the client (Appointing Party) outside of the Delivery Team.

Project Team includes a top-level client (Appointing party) and Delivery Team

The term is not dependent on a contract

Hierarchical Project Team

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