Project Information Model (PIM)

It is a term introduced in PAS 1192‑2: 2013 and ISO 19650 set of standards.

It means any graphical or non-graphical information such as:

  • Structured information, i.e.:
    • schedules, costing and databases
  • Unstructured, i.e.:
    • method of construction, performance requirements, details of installed systems, components and equipment, maintenance requirements, video clips and sound recordings.
  • Geometrical information i.e.
    • A 3D model such as Revit or similar (project geometry, location of equipment)

you can think about PIM & AIM as a modern version of traditional O&M information

During the project delivery, the project information model (PIM) can be used to communicate the design intent via the virtual representation of the asset

The term Project Information Model (PIM) directly relate to a Delivery Phase of the asset, therefore ISO 19650-2.

This term is associated with Asset Information Model (AIM)

  • the AIM contribute to PIM at the start of each delivery phase, and
  • the PIM contribute to AIM at the end of Delivery Phase of the asset lifecycle  

The PIM should be stored to provide a long-term archive of the project and for auditing purposes

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