Project BIM Manager

Responsible for ensuring that the BIM workflow has been established for the project and is adhered to by the team during the implementation stages of the project. 

[Appointment: Lead Appointed Party BIM staff. May be involved at tender stage having input into the BEP and interviewing delivery team to assess capability]

Duties include:

  • Leads post-appointment BIM Start-Up Meeting, ensuring all team members clearly understand their functions, responsibilities, project challenges, BIM objectives, actions and other requirements stated in the BIM Execution Plan (BEP).
  • Further develops the pre-appointment BEP to establish and issue the post-appointment BEP.
  • Manages any changes or updates to the BEP during the project period.
  • Responsible for quality and compliance assurance, including adherence to information project protocols, workflows, model management, data management, compliance with BEP and Client Requirements (EIRs).
  • Assesses and advises on the impact of changes in client requirements on the BIM delivery strategy and timetable and incorporates any agreed changes into the BEP.
  • Manages and oversees agreed project BIM uses such as planning and logistics, schedule extraction, KPIs etc.
  • Model and data audit analysis for all project 3D models for compliance against the BEP and client deliverables at key project stages.
  • Ensure the BIM Co-ordinator meets their duties and provides technical support and assistance where required
  • Ensures a Common Data Environment (CDE) has been established.

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