Product Data Definition

A Product Data Definition (PDD) document intended to provide a consistent methodology for the definition, creation, management and sharing of product information throughout the life cycle of an asset, based on the purpose of that information and by whom the information is to be used, meant to be part of PAS 1192-7 aimed to provide the structure to enable plain language parameters to be exchanged through open standards such as ISO 16739, IFC 4 and BS 1192-4, while ensuring that all necessary product information.[1]

The latest message related to PAS 1192-7 is a tweet from Paul Surin is that PAS1192-7 confirming that CPNI and  BSI have agreed to cease the development of PAS 1192-7. [1]

So far I am unable to find additional status information from BSI. It looks like the intended product information specification for defining, sharing and maintaining structured digital construction product information is not happening.

[1] Barnes, P., 2019. Managing BIM, in: BIM in Principle and in Practice. ICE Publishing.

[2] Surin, P., 2017. #PAS1192_7 has been stopped. [WWW Document]. Twitter. URL (accessed 9.8.21).

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