Periodic Model Quality Control Checks

Apart from the weekly model coordination effort that focuses on spatial coordination and clash resolution, the Appointment BIM Manager should review all disciplines project models and ensure compliance with BEP and BIM Standard. Periodic, i.e. weekly or bi-weekly model review and comments should be forwarded to each BIM coordinator for their follow up.

Table 1 – Periodic Model Check Items(Weekly/Bi-weekly)

Model sizeCheck if the model size is kept within the agreed limit. Typically, it is recommended to keep the size of a single model to be within 300MB (example). If it is more significant than the agreed size limit, the project team should consider further segregation of the model.
Worksets Check if model elements are assigned to correct worksets.
Purge UnusedCheck if there are unnecessary families loaded on to the project model.
Model Warnings Go through model warnings and identify errors that should be resolved.
Model AuditLast auspicious model audit time. The model audit should be carried out weekly at a minimum.
Model Alignment Check if the model is assigned with correct coordinates, project north, project basepoint and internal origin. All project models with in the same project should be linked with correct alignment without manual adjustment of the linked model after linking.
Identification ConventionCheck if identification convention of model elements (sheets, views, families, etc.)
Graphic Standard Check compliance of graphic standards (line weight, object style, annotation elements, etc.)

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