Level of information need

The term describes the details and amount of information required. It is a framework which defines the extent and granularity of data to be exchanged.

The term related to information which is exchanged and delivered throughout the life cycle of built assets

Level of information need describes the Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) as part of the information delivery process.

The required information may need to be human and machine-readable, it may be geometrical or non-geometrical (alphanumerical)

Although the information will be required for a specific purpose, at a particular time (milestone) and from specific actors. – The Level of information need does NOT specify:

  • the purpose.
  • the actors
  • the objects within a breakdown structure

The Level of information need shall:

  • be established in response to the purpose
  • the granularity of the information should be suitable for the particular milestone
    • more information required as the project progresses
  • take into account who should deliver the information
  • include location, position and orientation of an object against a reference point
  • be specified clearly and unambiguously to avoid different interpretation of the same requirement.
  • not to be shortened to an acronym

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