The functions shall not be confused with the job titles of the individuals, which can differ between organisations. The important factors are ownership, responsibility and authority. The functions and responsibilities should be outlined in the RACI[1] Matrix at an organizational level, not an individual level.

For project lifecycle-specific roles and responsibilities, please refer to individual Project Specific Assignment (PSA) & contracts aligned with the design responsibility matrix.

Within the ISO 19650 Framework, the ‘function’ replaces the PAS 1192 term ‘Role’. The new ISO 19650 terminology is aimed at all activities within the information management process which are to be undertaken by a single “information management function”.

The template for an information management function assignment matrix can be found in ISO 19650‑2:2018, Annex A. The appointing party can use the template to assign each activity (requirement) to themselves, to an appointed party or a third party.

Only once an activity has been assigned, the roles can be assigned by the relevant party.

Examples of the project BIM functions are listed below.

Besides, each party within the project team responsible for the creation of design information are to appoint a person(s) to undertake the activities of the Task Team functions

For all consultants and sub-contractors with design responsibility, BIM duties will include (not exhaustive):

  • Producing 3D design models with embedded asset information in line with the information and protocols set out in the BEP
  • Production of 2D construction drawings derived from the 3D design models in accordance with the Appointment scope
  • Regular reviews of the BEP and feedback on amendments as required for specific project needs
  • shared model uploads/initiate to the CDE – intervals as per PIR
  • Feedback to lead designer any design coordination issues
  • Attend regular BIM-supported design coordination meetings

[1] Roles and Responsibilities RACI Matrix shall be part of BEP.

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