Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR)

The PAS 1192 term Employer Information Requirements (EIR) has been replaced by Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) on projects where ISO 19650 standards are applicable.

Employer’s information requirements (EIR) also use the acronym (EIR), which defines the information that will be required by the employer (the organisation that will let the contract) to develop and operate the completed built asset. It is included in the tender documents for a BIM project.

The requirements must define the required Level of Detail (LOD)[1] and Level of Information (LOI)[1] of the project information model (PIM) (i.e. 3D Revit model)

Furthermore, the EIR must establish technical requirements such as software, management requirements to define roles, responsibilities, planning, collaboration processes, and review meetings, as well as commercial deliverables, data drop timing and BIM competency.

Reasons for switching from PAS 1192 EIR to ISO 19650 Exchange Information Requirements (EIR)

The employer is primarily translated in terms of employing people, so the international working group tasked with implementing the new ISO 19650 standard had to compromise and find an alternative word that would be easier to translate internationally without introducing ambiguity.

The UK was eager to keep the EIR acronym because it was deeply embedded in the BIM language.

David Churcher can’t remember who suggested the word ‘Exchange,’ but it seemed to fit the bill nicely and was adopted.

The use of Exchange rather than Employer in the EIR phrase has an advantage in situations where information is required from one part of an organisation to another (e.g., between an asset management team and a direct labour team or between one part of the multidisciplinary practice and another), as formal contracts will not be set up in these instances (and hence no Employer in the old PAS sense).[2] – see the Application of EIR PAS 1192 vs ISO 19650 and the project Hierarchy diagrams below.

Hierarchical Project Team
Application of EIR PAS 1192 vs ISO 19650

[1] Superseded by ‘ Level of Information Need ‘ BS EN 17412‑1:2020 Building Information Modelling

[2] Churcher, D. (2021). email to: Jarek Wityk, subject: Exchange Information Requirements (EIR).

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