PAS 1192 vs ISO 19650 terms

Quick reference guide In here you can find a quick reference guide with PAS1192 and ISO 19650 terminology comparison. PAS references (superseded) ISO References (current) Pre-contract BEP Pre-appointment BEP Post-contract BEP Post-appointment BEP LOD Level of information need graphical geometrical non-graphical non-geometrical project clients appointing parties BIM execution plan Information delivery plan – ISO 19650‑1 […]

The Centre for Digital Built Britain

The Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) CDBB is a partnership between the University of Cambridge and The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It is the custodian of HM Government’s Digital Built Britain, UK BIM, International BIM and National Digital Twinprogrammes.

National digital twin

An ecosystem of digital twins connected via securely shared data.

The Gemini Principles

Purpose: Must have clear purpose Public good Must be used to deliver genuine public benefit in perpetuity Value creation Must enable value creation and performance improvement Insight Must provide determinable insight into the built environment Trust: Must be trustworthy Security Must enable security and be secure itself Openness Must be as open as possible Quality […]

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC)

The architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC) The construction industry is diverse and its markets broad and varied. Starting with mining, quarrying and forestry, the industry runs all the way from design, product manufacture and construction through to the maintenance of our buildings and infrastructure assets and, at times, into their operation and disposal. [1] […]


The term BIMwash is derived from Whitewash, “a cheap white paint or coating of chalked lime used to quickly give a uniform clean appearance to a wide variety of surfaces”. Metaphorically, to whitewash means to “gloss over or cover up vices, crimes or scandals or to exonerate by means of […] biased presentation of data” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2003). In […]

BIM thinking ahead

I decided to challenge myself and explore existing and emerging technologies in order to estimate what could we achieve during the next 30 years. The question is considered in terms of an ever-evolving process of change and improvement within the Construction Industry. I do not believe that we can consider improvement as a finite process. […]

UK BIM Framework (roadmap)

UK BIM Framework roadmap! Almost three years have passed since the first BS EN ISO19650-1 standard was published.A lot of work has been done; some people are upset about the constant change, but we need to move quickly!We’d better get used to it, embrace it – it’s a fact of life. If I missed anything, […]

Post-COVID 19 pandemic Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry

Introduction The COVID19 pandemic has impacted global health and the economy. This report explores the shift in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and associated technology, its impact on health and safety, and ways of minimising the pandemic’s effect. The investigated concept of Internet of Things (IoT), smart building, and digital twins as a potential to improve […]

BIM and Lean Construction

Introduction The term referred to as Lean Construction aims to reduce overproduction, minimise handling, storage, transportation, or remove processes that do not add value. The Construction industry recognized the potential of BIM and lean Construction’s interaction to reduce waste on construction projects. When considering the global construction growth, for example, a single country such as […]