Cables connected to the incorrect side of the switchboard

Digital Construction (electrical)

Industry 4.0 in AEC, means to me a decentralized connection between the physical space and the cyberspace through global connectivity.

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Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) term introduced by BS EN 19650 replace the PAS 1192 term Employer Information Requirements (EIR) on all projects where BS EN ISO 19650 compliance is required.

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The term introduced by ISO 19650 typically describes the Tier 1 Main Contractor.

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breakdown structure to help plan the production of information

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schedule of information containers and delivery dates, for a specific task team

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An MPDT its old PAS 1192 term, the MPDT defines who produces what, when and to what level of detail.

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Cables terminated on the incorrect side of your switchboard

Have you ever found that the LV distribution armoured cables were terminated on the incorrect side of your switchboard after they had been dressed nicely and terminated?

It can also happen when the design information is unclear, such as when excessively long cable references are utilised and switchboard cubicles have no or different references, or when cable schedules group cables by type rather than listing all instances and cross-referencing the switchboard label.

If your LV distribution uses an Electrical Management System (EMS) for load shedding, such as SCADA, then each protective device will be allocated a unique number, such as ‘F39’. In this circumstance, it would be prudent to add the device number on the traffic label.

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