BIM Strategic Lead

Responsible for project strategic direction from the tender stage, guides project set up and advises on the project when needed.

Typical Lead Appointed Party BIM staff duties include:

  • Development of the BIM Tender Checklists
  • Assist in defining project BIM deliverables
  • Writing the pre-appointment BIM Execution Plan and ensuring it is in line with the EIR requirements
  • Writing BIM specific tender responses.
  • Assists in the assessment of costs for BIM implementation for the project.
  • Assists in identifying key project challenges and define BIM uses for the scheme.
  • Assists with the assessment of delivery team capability
  • Leads BIM Kick-off meeting
  • Attends project BIM strategy meetings and gives advice when needed during the project
  • Undertake BIM Peer Review and Lessons Learnt

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