Because a group is not an activity or a flow object, it cannot connect to sequence or message flows. Furthermore, groups are not constrained by pool and lane restrictions. [1] Symbol (2009). BPMN Method and Style: A levels-based methodology for BPM process modeling and improvement using BPMN 2.0. In CodyCassidy Press US.

Text Annotation

Text annotations are a way for a modeller to provide additional information to a BPMN diagram reader. The text annotation object can be associated with a specific object on the diagram, but this has no effect on the process flow.[1] Symbol 1]     Silver, B. (2009). BPMN Method and Style: A levels-based methodology for BPM process […]

Information Delivery Manual (IDM)

information delivery manual (IDM) Documentation that captures the business process and specifies in detail the information that a user performing a particular role is required to provide at a particular point in the project’s lifecycle.[1] [1] ISO 29481-1:2016 clause 3.10

Parametric behaviour

The parametric behaviour of an object describes whether its shape, position, and orientation are designed to be dependent on other information associated with the object or the context in which it is placed, allowing for full or partial reconfiguration. An object’s parametric behaviour can be transferred as part of the information delivery or not. The […]


A dimension of space, such as width, height, or length. can be zero-dimensional (location point), one-dimensional (e.g. line, curve, path), two-dimensional (e.g. surface, face), or three-dimensional (e.g. surface, face) (e.g. body, volume). EXAMPLE In a 3D environment, the dimensionality of a pipe can be 1D to extract pipe lengths for quantity take off purposes 3D […]

Contract Particulars

Contract Particulars refer to the document outlining the Framework Agreement’s specific core terms, which may include but are not limited to the Pricing Schedule, Authorised Officer, Contract Manager, Key Personnel, and Specification (as defined in the Call-Off Terms and Conditions), as well as any other contract-specific details included in the document. Any local authority or […]