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Digital Construction Electrical Engineering Consultant with extensive experience in Building Information Modelling (BIM).

PROJECT DESIGN (IO) LTD Experts in ISO 19650 information exchange process as consultants in the field of electrical engineering for digital construction.

Project Design (Electrical Services)

Services offered by professional electrical engineer with years of experience and formal education, relied on by some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Our expertise in Technical, Regulatory, and Operational fields allows us to add significant value to our clients’ projects and organisations.

BIM Support

PROJECT DESIGN (IO) LTD is developing Knowledge Base and training as a contribution to understanding Digital Construction system change. We can help you to define or evaluate your Organisational Drivers, Appointment Requirements and design team response.

technical assistance

Fully qualified electrical design engineer are here to provide your project with a fully compliant electrical system design, tailored to your individual needs.

Digital Construction professional. Co-author and contributor to UK BIM Framework.

PROJECT DESIGN (IO) LTD  can help you navigate through ISO 19650 information management process, concentrating on your organisational or project purpose

Helping clients find their way around ambiguous requirements that make it hard to determine what, when, how, and from whom information is needed.

Think Different

We think different!

Driven by an unconventional thinker and leader fluent in multiple languages and fields of expertise. We recognise recurring issues and potential fixes, but we know that real progress won’t be made until we work together as a team and examine these issues from every possible angle, then use that information to innovate new approaches that increase resilience and profitability.

Experienced Professionals

To ensure that BIM and the electrical design solutions we provide meet your specific needs, we collaborate with you closely throughout the entire lifecycle of your project to learn about your key goals.

UK BIM Framework

Building Information management(BIM) and digital technologies are increasingly being incorporated into the industry, shifting the focus. We’re aware that a lack of specificity may lead to confusion, which in turn could lead to problems with accountability and communication.

With our assistance, you can comply with all requirements and meet all deadlines.

Competitive and Resourceful

To help with the transition to digital construction, PROJECT DESIGN (IO) LTD is building a knowledge base and provide training.

We offer a range of pricing and service models to accommodate the breadth of your requirements.

Friendly & Reliable

In keeping with our core beliefs, we conduct regular performance reviews, jointly identify opportunities for enhancement and innovation, and modify our service to meet the specific requirements of your business or project. In our line of work, we find that forming strategic alliances with like-minded businesses benefits not only our clients, but also the projects we work on and the businesses with which we partner.

Fast and Efficient!

Misunderstanding of what information and when should be delivered to facilitate effective delivery is a widespread problem in the construction industry.

We are better equipped and more driven to succeed than our rivals.

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